How to Detect Virus Infections In your PC?

People usually have a question – My PC is behaving in an abnormal manner, is it infected with a virus? In this article, the highly-skilled Norton Support experts have provided a quite understandable answer for the same. Many times, your system (PC) keeps on running with one or more infections by the virus or other forms of malware and you are not aware of the reality. This unawareness can turn into a big problem of major damage to your device. Thus, there is a need to be careful.


This article by Norton Support experts will help you in noticing and finding the misbehavior of your PC due to one or the other kind of virus infection.      

Prior to disclosing the guidelines that will help you in finding out the virus infections in your PC, Norton Technical Support mavens want to put a light on ‘what is the virus and what it can do?’ Actually, the virus is the malicious programs designed by the cybercriminals to perform in an unethical way. They are the infections that carry out the illegal and unwanted jobs with your system and the personal to financial to other essential data stored on it. One of the most common objectives of the virus infections is to multiply and spread themselves. The intention behind this doing is to disable all the entry points which a user can use to battle against the abnormal behavior of the PC resulted due to virus infection.

Coming towards the topic, let’s have a look at the vital symptoms that assist you in finding the virus on your system.

Symptoms to Detect Virus Infections In your PC        

The below information by Norton Technical Support professionals will provide you with an ease of figuring out the truth regarding whether your system is running with an infection or not. Be careful and go through the below symptoms because having one or more of these will ensure that your system is infected by any virus.

  1. Missing Options: ‘Folder Option’ allows you to configure settings of your computer to show ‘hidden system files’ and also to display ‘file extension for the known files’. If you are unable to configure these settings due to missing the ‘folder option’ or another issue, it indicates the virus. According to Norton Support mavens - The virus infection must have disabled the options so that you are not able to see the hidden auto-run threats inside the CD-DVD or pen drive.       
  2. Folders Become Inaccessible: Folders or files from your pen drive or any other USB drives turning inaccessible also designates the existence of the virus. The chances are that the infections might have changed the attributes of your folders or files to ‘system hidden’ along with creating visible copies of the virus having same name and icon that the original folder has. Moreover, the infection will hide the file extension so that you are unable to determine whether it is a file or folder. Opening the same means you are activating the virus. For more info, contact the Norton Support techies.         
  3. "Task Manager", "Command Prompt", or "Registry Editor" is inaccessible: If any of these three appear inaccessible or your PC is restarting automatically whenever you try to access these tools. The reason behind this also might be the virus that has disabled the tools so that you cannot repair the changes made by the infections, terminate the instant of suspicious files and enable or disable the 'Registry Editor'.
  4. The existence of Suspicious Files: As per Norton Support experts - Presence of any suspicious files or folders in your external storage media such as pen drive, also indicates the being of the virus on your device.

These symptoms are sufficient to find the possibilities of infections in your PC. For more help, just call the toll-free Norton Customer Support Number – 1800 83 24 24. Apart from the information, the experts will provide excellent Norton Support Services that assist you in buzzing off the threats from your device. Hence, make a single call and get rid of the viral infection.