How to Transfer a File from One Windows 10 Computer to Another?

Windows 10 is one of the most preferable operating system used by a number of people worldwide. But as it is the new and little bit complex, users appear unaware of many of its features. This, in turn, prevents them from getting the complete pleasure of working with the latest software. As the OS is updated for the people, thus it is their right to be able to use and every new feature. Considering all these facts we, the Kaspersky Support technicians are here to make you familiar with Windows 10. As the number of features in this new operating system is large, hence defining all is not possible here. We’ll define each and every advancement of Windows 10 but in the upcoming blogs. Today, we are going to start with the explanation of one excellent feature. 


The feature about which our Kaspersky Antivirus Support experts will discuss here is ‘Nearby Sharing’. It acts as a medium that allows the users to transfer the files between PCs having Windows 10 operating system. This feature is incorporated in the latest update regarding Windows 10 that has been launched in April 2018.    


Some brilliant thing about this feature is as follows:

  • It does not make use of your internet bandwidth
  • It does not require a Wi-Fi connection
  • It can share a longer file i.e. from this, you can share a file of even 700 MB
  • The time duration it takes to transfer the files is not wider. For example – It can share near about 700 MB files within 4 minutes.


Requirements you should meet for sharing files Between Two Windows 10 Devices

  • Both the devices running Windows 10 should have the Bluetooth 4.0 or next along with the lower energy back up.
  • Both the devices (sender and the receiver) must have Windows 10 1803 or later for successful sharing of the files.
  • Both the two devices should present in Bluetooth range.

Note: Kaspersky Support techies suggest to meet these requirements in order to achieve success in sharing the files. Never hesitate in contacting the skillful Kaspersky Antivirus Support experts in case of fronting any trouble. 


Steps to Share Files Between Two Windows 10 Devices

Step 1: First of all, ensure that the PCs you are using are running Windows 10 1803 or later version.

To confirm this, press ‘Enter Key’ after typing the Winver.exe in the search field.

Step 2: For quicker sharing, you should connect the PCs to a single Wi-Fi Network.

If the PCs are not using or using different Wi-Fi Connection, the ‘Nearby Sharing’ feature will use Bluetooth for transferring the files.    

Step 3: After that, visit the ‘Setting app’ option existing on both the PCs.

Step 4: Now, open System and then Shared Experiences

Step 5: Turn the ‘Nearby Share’ option ‘ON’ on both the PCs. This will enable your feature.

Step 6: Now, select the file you want to share by right-clicking on it.

Step 7: In order to tell the share flyout, you have to click on the ‘Share option’.

Step 8: The system will start looking for any available nearby device and then your destination PC will appear on the screen.

Step 9: Click the name of PC on which you want to send the file.

Step 10. Now, some options like ‘Save, Save or Open, Save and decline’ will get appear on your destination PC. Click on any option according to your preference. Clicking the ‘Save or Save & Open’ option will save the file on your destination PC.  

Note: There are chances that the notification gets disappear after some time. If you are not able to locate the notifications on your system’s desktop, talk to Kaspersky Support experts. Or you can click the ‘Action Center’ icon present on the taskbar to find out notifications.      

The above steps are enough to aid you in sharing your data from one Windows 10 PC to another. In case of having any difficulty in following the steps, contact Kaspersky Antivirus Support professionals. However, if you are able to execute the steps but the files are not getting shared, then also go for the same. Kaspersky Customer Support experts are the smart technicians who can solve all your troubles within few minutes. So, whether the problem you are facing is regarding the steps or any issues, just contact the experts. To connect with the technicians, you have to dial the toll-free Kaspersky Support Number – 1800 83 24 24. One more best thing about the techies here is that they are available for complete 24x7 hours. Hence, feel free to call at any instance to get round the clock assistance from skillful techies.